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5 Causes of Fires in Commercial Buildings and How to Prevent Them

6/7/2022 (Permalink)

It’s important to act fast when there’s a fire on a commercial property. Call for commercial fire damage restoration to prevent further damage.

All types of businesses are susceptible to fire hazards. Whether you operate from a small office space, have employees who come into work daily, or have special processes that involve chemicals and flammable liquids, your workplace is at risk of catching on fire. These fires may be minor, or they may be so large they result in serious injury or death. It’s important that you understand the top causes of these types of fires so you can take precautions against them before they happen.

Unattended Equipment

While people may not intend to leave a piece of equipment on without supervision, it happens. Industrial fans, manufacturing machines, and power tools are examples of equipment that often starts fires when left unattended. Other times, fires also start when people are using equipment incorrectly and spark a nearby combustible material.

Faulty Electrical Equipment

Faulty wiring, bad connections, and loose appliances are all common causes of electrical fires. To reduce the risk of electrical fires, make sure to have them checked and serviced regularly. 

Poor Working Conditions and Poor Maintenance of Equipment and Facilities

Poor working conditions often result from not following proper safety procedures or from employees not taking the proper precautions. Poor maintenance of equipment and facilities, such as haphazard cleaning and poor housekeeping, is another common cause of commercial fires.

Incorrect Storage of Materials

Incorrect storage can often lead to small fires that you may not even be aware of. However, these small fires can quickly turn into large blazes if left unchecked. To reduce the risk of commercial fires caused by incorrect storage of materials, make sure to store combustible materials away from heat sources.

Employees Smoking in Prohibited Areas

It may seem like no big deal to sneak a smoke in a storage room, but it can quickly turn into a disaster. If the smoking materials ignite a flammable material, you could have a major fire on your hands. Make sure that you have a zero-tolerance policy against smoking in prohibited areas in your building.

What to do if your building catches fire?

It’s important to act fast when there’s a fire on a commercial property. Look for fire damage restoration companies near me so commercial fire damage restoration will be accomplished as soon as possible. When disaster happens, it is best to leave it to professionals.


Fire can destroy a building and everything in it in a matter of minutes. To protect your business, you should be aware of the common causes of fires and take precautions against them. The next time you find yourself in a commercial building, keep an eye out for faulty wiring, dusty ducts, and flammable materials. Moreover, make sure your building follows all codes and standards set by the National Fire Protection Association. Nevertheless, if you encounter fire in your building, call for a commercial fire damage restoration as soon as possible. Make sure to look for fire damage restoration companies near me to find the closest cleanup and restoration professional in your area.

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